How do I go about getting replacement pieces for my oak whiskey barrel?

If you have ever received a barrel from us, then you can probably appreciate the quality we put into it. Each wooden stave on your oak barrel is curved, charred, carefully cut and placed alongside several other staves to make a perfectly tight seal. It really becomes a miniature work of art and because we pressure test each one before sending it out it is where we spend a majority of our time.

We visually inspect every spigot and cork but don’t preform a test seal on each one. This means that occasionally a spigot or cork bung doesn’t preform like it should and leaks. Out of the thousands of whiskey barrels we produce a month, we typically only send a replacement spigot once every couple days.

If you happen to have an oak barrel that leaks at the spigot or the cork doesn’t seal right we will send you a new one. Simply send us an email with your original order ID (amazon, ebay, etsy, and we will send out a replacement spigot and cork to you free of charge. It will ship and arrive within 2-3 days so you can start aging your favorite spirits quickly.

If you need a replacement for something else.

We offer replacement spigots for any oak whiskey barrels from anywhere on the web. We charge $4.95 for 1 replacement set (cork and spigot) and $1 extra for each additional set. With shipping factored in, we barely break even with replacement spigots however we strongly feel every oak barrel should be used to it’s fullest extent even if it came from somewhere else. Checkout the size diagrams on the spigot listings to make sure they fir yours properly.