3 Liter Golden Oak Barrel for Aging – Polished Steel Hoops

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3 Liter Oak Barrel with Polished Steel (Silver) Hoops. Includes Stand with rivets, Cork and Spigot, Aging Guide & Recipe Book(digital), Hang Tag & A piece of paraffin wax.

Our 3 liter silver-hooped barrels are popular and give a good balance between a 2 Liter and a big 5 Liter barrel while adding that extra touch of class.

Most people order them because they feel that a 3 Liter Oak Barrel(.78 Gallons) is a good size. It's obviously a bit bigger then then a 2 Liter Barrel but its still manageable and not to big to handle like a 5 Liter would be. It's just big enough where you can still use name brand store bought liquors without breaking the bank. Here is why a 3 Liter Oak Barrel might be a good fit:

  • This fits FOUR standard bottles of Whiskey, Rum, Tequila or Wine bottles (750ml) and will fill up the barrel almost perfectly with maybe 3-5 ounces -/+. When your filling it to 95% using those 4 bottles its going to give you ample opportunity to sample your liquor throughout the aging process.
  • It is a is only slightly more then a 2 Liter Oak Barrel yet has 50% more capacity. This means you can age more alcohol at a lower price per ounce which equals savings.

The benefits of having Polished Steel hoops on your Oak Whiskey Barrel are straightforward; you like the look. You appreciate, or think the person you're giving the oak barrel to as a gift, would appreciate that extra little special touch that comes with having silver hoops on a barrel. It could be the fact that it says “high end”, it goes with their personality more or maybe they just like shiny things. Just know that polished makes a statement about you, the oak barrel and the decadent liquors you're about to age in this barrel.

So why not order an Oak barrel today? It's the Most economical way to age alcohol and give your favorite drink, whatever it is, an amazingly smooth flavor. If you're still not sure about ordering or on how to use it, check out our FAQ at the top of the site so we can answer any remaining questions you have. Then come back to this page and order one of our 1 Liter Golden Oak Whiskey Barrels. You're going to love it, I guarantee it.
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