What is the char level of your barrel?

  • All our barrels are Level 3 or medium charred that is suited to age any kind of spirit.

How to install the spigot?

  • Put the spigot in the barrel and align it so it is straight up and down and in line with the top hole. Then, with a plastic mallet or hammer, tap the spigot in so it has a snug fit. I would estimate about 20lbs of force. The goal is to make sure it’s in just tight enough to make a seal between the spigot and the hole. Are spigots are pretty tough, however you do not want to hit it to tight and break the spigot.If in doubt, tap it in slowly with a bit more force until the spigot feels good and snug.

What is the wax is for?

  • The more times it is used the more it may leak in a small spots because of the wood becoming dry between uses. Simply apply the paraffin wax to the leak for a quick fix. It serves as a first aid kit for the barrel.

What is the difference between the varnished and unvarnished barrels?

  • Reason we add a varnish is to eliminate the angels hair or alcohol that can evaporate over time. It also helps prevent staining if the barrel leaks during the initial soak. However, there is no difference at all.